Dogpro Plus State Championship Arena 2023

Report by Marianne Rogers
Photos by Simon Wallace

Dogpro Plus WAWSDA State Champion ships held at the Pingelly Sheepdog Arena, October 12th – 15th 2023
Esperance Working Sheep Dog Club

The incredibly hard working Esperence Working Sheepdog Club committee put on yet another arena trial at the lovely Pingelly grounds.

The community of Pingelly is super supportive and this year they supplied yummy refreshments throughout the trial. A very tasty two course State

Dinner was provided at the Pingelly Golf Club on Saturday and made for a great social evening.

October trials mean the weather is heating up and the temperature was slightly hotter each day. By midday the heat ensured the clam-pool was needed by most dogs coming off the grounds.

The sheep for the Novice and Improver were challenging and happy to run despite the heat. Unlike the

sheep at most trials, they were more compliant from later morning.

Novice, with 46 runs, was judged by Tim Foster and there were 13 scores.

Friday afternoon following the first round of Improver, there was a four dog Novice Final followed by an eight dog Improver Final.

Novice Results: Grant Cooke took out the win with Grassvalley Palmer with 2 rounds of 91 for a total of 182, beating first round leader Simon Leaning with Marionvale Woody who score 94,80 for a total of 174 points.

Improver, with 53 runs, was judged by Jenny Nolan and again there were 13 scores. The sheep were even more challenging on the second day despite being from the same mob.

Improver Results: Neil Kristiansen won the Improver with a great come-from-behind score of 97 to add to his first round score of 69 for a total of 166.  Ken Atherton with Ramulam Oak came second, scoring 55, 87 for total 142.

The State Championship was judged by Jenny Atherton on a different mob of sheep. These ewes had recently had their lambs taken off them and they made the earlier mob look fairly easy to manage. They would run but were also happy to take on dogs and drive them back up the ground. From 79 runs (after a few scratchings) there were 30 scores. There were a number of sad stories on runs that ended badly after having had a promising start.

Worthy of special mention was Rose Cassidy, a relative newbie in trialling, placing in the Championship with Nolan’s Shana.

Also very commendable was the effort by Tanya de Bijl who works full-time and can only attend trials on the weekend. Tanya brought four dogs to the trial and qualified for the Championship final with all four!

Open Results: Peter Gorman took out the Championship with Pendalup steel scoring 82 and 87 for 169, beating his own dog Pendalup Lucy into second place scoring 72 and 66 for 138.
Rose Cassidy placed third with Nolans Shana 70 and 61 for 131 points

Our WA patron, Tony Boyle awarded special prizes to Simon Wallace with O’Kanes Susie Q in Novice, Sue Doherty with Karrabar Cobba in Improver and Peter Doherty with Ramulam Cork in the Championship.

The awards were for good work as judged by the respective judges. What a great way to celebrate achievement by workers who are not yet the trial winners but are showing their potential.

Despite the heat that reached unpleasant levels, triallers had a good time and the ice cream van that turned up tempted many and did great business. Pack up was achieved efficiently and presentations of State trophies under the shady trees finished early enough for most to head home Sunday.

Congratulations to Peter Gorman, State Champion 2023.

Judged by Tim Foster

 HandlerDogRound  1Round 2Total
1Grant Cooke Grassvalley Palmer9191182
2Simon LeaningMarionvale Woody (K)9480174
3Peter DohertyRamulam Sixpence (K)8364147
4Marianne RogersMarionvale Aykeira81Ret81
5Steve WallaceRocky Roxie7979
=6Brett SmithRoseana Doug7777
=6Tara HerbertMarionvale Morton7777
=8Per OstbergKarridowns Zoftie6767
=8Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Wilson6767
10Jenny NolanNolans Jasper6363
K – Kelpie
Ret – Retired

Judged by Jenny Nolan

 HandlerDogRound 1Round 2Total
1Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Sir Ben6997166
2Ken AthertonRamulam Oak (K)5587142
3Steve WallaceRocky Roxie8159140
4Rose CassidyBadgingarra Zoe5065115
5Neil KristiansenPendalup Indigo514798
6Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles (K)464086
7Brad RoseBellview Flier601474
8Per OstbergKarridowns Zoftie462672
9Per OstbergBellview Lexie4343
=10Nick FordDryandra Thunderstruck3030
=10Simon WallaceMax3030
K – Kelpie

Judged by Jenny Atherton

 HandlerDogRound 1Round 2Total
1Peter GormanPendalup Steel8287169
2Peter GormanPendalup Lucy7266138
3Rose CassidyNolans Shana7061131
4Tanya deBijlBoylee Scout7549124
5Simon LeaningYarrabee Jack (K)7053123
6Tanya deBijlRamulan Secret (K)7243115
=7Ivan SolomonRocky Fran84X84
=7Grant CookeGrassvalley Theo84DQ84
9Tanya deBijlJarrah (K)80LS80
10Grant CookeGrassvalley Bluey77X77
11Tanya deBijlDaleview Pearl (K)74X74
12Rod ForsythGrassvalley Hazel71R71
K – Kelpie
X – Crossed
DQ – Disqualified
R – Retire
LS – Lost Sheep

Novice Finalists

Improver Finalists

Open Finalists