Dogpro Plus Dowerin Arena 2023

Report and photos by Simon Wallace

Dowerin Field Days August 30-31st, 2023

The Dowerin arena event was held by the Northern Districts Sheepdog club, which was held at the Dowerin Field Days event.
The weather over the two days was bright and sunny with a little hint of spring.
Simon Emmett provided the sheep which were shorn hoggets and were ready to run. They proved to be a good test for the dogs. The dogs which were able to get a feel of the sheep had the best results. The sheep were very difficult to keep in the laneways between the obstacles but were happy to complete the obstacles once they got there.
A large number of show-goers stopped by to watch the event and get an explanation of what was happening on the ground.
The Novice event finished on a draw between Grant Cooke with Grassvalley Palmer and Peter Doherty with Ramulam Sixpence. The battle between the Kelpies and Border Collies was decided in the Improver event with Grant and Palmer taking out the win.

The Improver was won by Gibb McDonald and Ellie. Gibb arrived just in time to grab his whistle and get onto the ground and Ellie took control and had a great run.

The Open was taken out by Simon Leaning and Marionvale Andy. Simon and Andy had the first run of the day gaining 91 points and held the lead to the end of the event.

Judged by Neill Kristiansen

 WorkerDogScore 1Score 2Total
1Grant CookeGrassvalley Palmer7829107
2Peter DohertyRamulam Sixpence (K)78X78
3Len MortonMcConnells Johnny7272
4Terry MartinoMarionvale Bo (K)6868
5Brett SmithMcConnells Sky5252
=6Rose CassidyBadgingarra Zoe4949
=6Peter GormanBadgingarra Missy4949
8Steve WallaceRocky Roxie4848
9Peter DohertyCork4343
10Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Marvin (K)3838
X = Cross
K = Kelpie

Judged by Gordon Curtis

1Gibb McDonaldEllie76
2Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Sir Ben68
3Neil WhyteGogetta Duchess (K)45
4Jenny NolanNolans Bart38
5Peter GormanBadgingarra Missy35
=6Nan LloydKumbark Ace (K)33
=6Rose CassidyNolans Shana33
8Grant CookeGrassvalley Palmer29
9Jan CornishBellview Bailey10
K = Kelpie

Judged by Jenny Nolan

1Simon LeaningMarionvale Andy91
2Ivan SolomonPerangery Trish89
3Grant CookeGrassvalley Bluey88
4Brett SmithCooks Jake85
5Brett SmithFleetwood Devil76
6Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Marvin (K)75
7Gibb McDonaldEllie75
8Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Buzz (K)65
9Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip (K)62
10Ivan SolomonRocky Fran61
11Rose CassidyNolans Shana58
12Grant CookeGrassvalley Palmer49
K = Kelpie