Dogpro Plus Pingelly Arena 2023

Report and Photos by Nan Lloyd

Held at the Pingelly Sheepdog Trial Ground April 20th – 23rd, 2023

The Pingelly Arena Trial was the third for the year and the last arena event for 11 weeks.

The weather was pleasant for the first two days but warmed up to near 300c on the last two days causing some discomfort. We had become used to much cooler conditions.

The Kelpies were the big winners of the weekend, winning all three events as well as taking out eight placings. The winners were from the Kumbark and Ramulam kennels being, Ken Atherton’s Ramulam Prickles in the Novice, Gordon Curtis’ Kumbark Scotty in the Improver and Ken Atherton’s Ramulam Charlie taking out the Open.

The sheep for the Novice and Improver were young merinos that worked fairly well for the Novice on the first day but, deteriorated somewhat for the Improver on the second day, which was reflected in the scores.

The Open sheep were mixed age older ewes. They worked deceptively well for the first half dozen runs then became somewhat difficult, wanting to split and run.

Even after they were carefully worked down to the Dee at the starting peg, they would inexplicably bolt like mad back to the let-out, sometimes over the dog.

For those who managed to keep the sheep calm and get to the pen, it was often a struggle to get them in.  Some great runs came to a sad end here.

Despite this there were a few top scores achieved.  

There were near record entries for the event. 65 in the Novice with 19 scores. 61 in the Improver with 18 scores. 82 in the open with 32 scores.

A number of triallers, led by Sue Doherty joined with local golfers for a round of golf on Saturday playing an ambrose competition. The results were not important but the camaraderie was.

With two great pubs, a huge recreation centre and a fabulous BBQ at the trial ground, there was a lot of food consumed over the course of the trial, and some nice social get togethers.

Judged by Ken Atherton

 Worker Dog
1Tana CrozierAkoonah Lady
2Cree MonaghanGraedawn Finn
3Lee CrockfordDrycreek Zarin

Judged by Yvonne Haynes

1Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles (K)88
=2Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (K)80
=2Tanya deBijlDaleview Pearl (K)80
4Karyn BullerBoonining Maisey (K)74
5Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy (K)72
6Terry MartinoMarionvale Bo (K)71
=7Peter GormanBadgingarra Missy69
=7Karyn BullerBooning Digit (K)69
9Karyn BullerBoonining Turbo (K)67
10Ken AthertonRamulam Judy (K)65
11Tim FosterLinthorpe Polly 62
K Kelpie

Judged by Tanya deBijl

1Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (K)80
=2Simon LeaningYarabee Jack (K)73
=2Rob SmithBoonining Duck (K)73
4Rose CassidyNolans Shana72
5Sue DohertyJust Lawson70
6Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles (K)66
=7Peter DohertyRamulam Sixpence (K)64
=7Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Buzz (K)64
=7Nan LloydKumbark Ace (K)64
10Doreen HansenBinnaburra Bubbles (K)59
K Kelpie

Judged by Neil Kristiansen

1Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)9392185
2Grant CookeGrassvalley Palmer9570165
3Peter GormanCoshies Dusty7585160
4Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles (K)7976155
5Ivan SolomonPerangerry Trish8469153
6Frank SutherlandPendalupSue7867145
7Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Buzz (K)7170141
8Ivan SolomonRocky Fran7361134
9Peter GormanPendalup Steel7637113
10Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip (K)89SCR89
11Tony BoyleBoylee Cournel80X80
12B SmithWondara Tip (K)73RTD73
13B SmithCooks Jake (K)71RTD71
K Kelpie