Hypro Yallambee Yard & Utility

Report by Nan Lloyd
Photos by Nan Lloyd & Karyn Buller

Under 18 Kane Harries (Lassie) with Blake Robinson.

Held at Yallambee Farm by the Mayanup Working Sheep Dog Club
22nd – 24th March, 2024

Ken and Jenny Atherton’s property Yallambee, near Arthur River, was the venue for the first Yard and Utility trial of the year.  The event was run by the Mayanup sheep dog club.

The sheep were red tag composites and were tricky to work.

In the paddock section they were well and truly the winners, thanks mainly to a relentless easterly wind which became gale force at times, making conditions quite unpleasant.

No-one managed to pen the sheep, due to time running out.

The sheep tended to head towards the fence and needed a fast dog to head them off. Even after they had been gathered, one sheep would decide it was time to run and they could go far and fast.

In the yard, the first big gather was almost unachievable for some.

Dogs that lacked cover got into the most trouble. Once the sheep worked out that they could get past the dog, they took every opportunity.

The lead up to the race was also a little tricky for some, but the rest of the yard course flowed quite well, even the truck did not cause too many issues.

When the Open Yard event started, the wind dropped, the sheep settled, and scores went up.

There was a great atmosphere at the trial with enjoyable meals (and drinks) around the BBQ in the evenings.

Utility trialling is quite labour intensive, but most people happily pitched in, so it ran smoothly from start to finish.

The district has seen some of the driest conditions ever, so a distraction for a few days was a good thing.

It was great to see an entry in the under 18 section, with Kane Harries and his dog Lassie. He did a great job at his first trial.

Kane’s father Hayden also took out the Open Yard, and his mother Shelby placed in the Novice Yard and the Novice Utility.

There were 33 entries in the Novice Utility event, 37 in the Novice Yard event, 35 in the Open Utility event and 27 in the Improver/Open Yard event.

Next on our trialling calendar is the Hypro National Yard dog championships which is being held at Mobrup from the 10th to the 14th of April, followed by the National Kelpie field trial Championships at Kellerberrin from the 17th to the 21st of April.

Spectators welcome to these huge events for some fantastic competition.

Novice Yard 50 points
Judged by Rod Forsyth. Rod judged by Neil Kristiansen and Ken Atherton.

1Karyn BullerBoonining Turbo30
2Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Chloe25
3Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar BC24
=4Shelby HarriesJust Buster23
=4Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Wilson23
6Tony BoyleBoylee Gus  BC22
=7Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Buzz21
=7Neil EastoughEasties Ziggy21
=7Nan LloydBoonining Brumby21
10Fraser GordonEllerslie Max19
BC – Border Collie

Novice Utility 100 points
Judged by Rod Forsyth. Rod judged by Neil Kristiansen and Ken Atherton.

1Ken AthertonRamulam Fella68
2Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar BC57
3Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles49
4Shelby HarriesWaterlea Tas47
5Karyn BullerBoonining Turbo46
6Jason CrockfordBuntal Bull45
=7Gordon Curtis Binnaburra Chloe42
=7Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Maggie BC42
=9Steve WallaceGibsons Sweep BC39
=9Steve WallaceRocky Roxie BC39
BC – Border Collie

Improver Yard 100 points
Judged by Nan Lloyd. Final judged by Richard McGuire. Nan Lloyd judged by Neil Kristiansen and Ken Atherton.

1Ken AthertonRamulam Fella9193184
=2Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Marvin9090180
=2Neil EastoughEasties Ziggy9585180
4Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty8587172
5Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina8684170
6Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles8085165
7Nan LloydKumbark Lexy8084164
8Rod ForsythYarralonga Forrest7979
9Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Buzz7878
10Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar BC7474
BC – Border Collie

Open Yard 100 points
Open Imp yard Nan Lloyd. Final judged by Richard McGuire. Nan Lloyd judged by Neil Kristiansen and Ken Atherton.

1Hayden HarriesWaterlea Tas BC9694190
2Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie9296188
3Jason CrockfordWyndora Strife9988187
4Ken AthertonRamulam Fella9193184
5Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick9488182
6Nan LloydKumbark Ace8792179
7Rod ForsythKumbark Todd9383176
8Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina8684170
9Karyn Buller Boco Louie8680166
10Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles8085165
11Jason CrockfordWyndora Dusty7688164
12Jason CrockfordBuntal Bull3695131

Open Utility 100 points
Judged by Gordon Curtis. Final judged by Hayden Harries. Gordon Curtis judged by Neil Kristiansen and Ken Atherton.

1Neil  KristiansenBadgingarra Maggie BC6863131
2Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina7151122
3Ken AthertonRamulam Fella6946115
4Blake RobinsonNap5359112
5Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie6742109
6Shelby HarriesWaterlea Tas5447101
7Karyn BullerBoonining Turbo494291
8Neil  KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar BC553085
9Nan LloydKumbark Lexie49RET49
10Terry MartinoMarionvale Bo4646
11Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles4545
12Neil  KristiansenPendalup Indigo BC4343