Dogpro+ State Yard & Utility 2022

Photos and report by Karyn Buller

This year’s Dogpro plus State Yard and Utility champion-ships were held at Sunnyside, Tarwonga over the weekend of 7th and 8th May, 2022.

The sheep were the same as those used at the previous trial at Tarwonga but were a little woollier and a bit heavier.  The sheep brought the challenge to the dogs, particularly in the arena where the utility dogs battled to hold them.  The dogs that were able to give the stock some space had better results.

Nigel Armstrong with Dog of the Year (Utility & Yard) Yarralonga Scope, put on a fine performance at the Dogpro Plus State Yard and Utility trial to win the Open Utility event with a first-round top score of 89.5 following up with 76.5 in the Final for a total score of 166 points.

Simon Leaning with Marionvale Chip won the Dogpro plus State Yard event.  Chip scored a first-round top score of 92 and followed up with 91 points in the Final for a total score of 183 points.

Both dogs are contenders for the 2022 Dog of the year.

Other winners were Rod Forsyth with Kumbark Todd in the Novice Utility, Nigel Armstrong with Yarralonga Opal in the Novice Yard and Simon Leaning with Marionvale Di in the Improver Yard.

Tara Herbert was awarded the Patron’s Trophy which was presented by Tony Boyle.

Joan Armstrong was a presented with a Life membership badge from the Mayanup Club in appreciation of all the work she does in the club.

The weather during the event was fine and pleasant, typical for this time of year.  Saturday morning was a bit frosty causing some water pipes to freeze with campers thinking they had run out of water.

Late nights and tall stories around the campfire in the evening restored the vigour for the next day’s battles.

Congratulations to all competitors.

Novice Yard: L-R Allan Dunn (Dunns Smallchange 4th), Simon Leaning (Marionvale Di 2nd), Nigel Armstrong (Yarralonga Opal 1st), Blake Robinson (Ed 3rd & Ramulan Kick 5th)
Improver Yard: L-R Ken Atherton (Ramulam Charlie =2nd), Blake Robinson (Ramulam Kick =2nd), Simon Leaning (Marionvale Di 1st), Tanya deBijl (Ramulam Secret 4th), Harden Harries (Olboa Dude 5th)
Open Utility: L-R Ken Atherton (Ramulam Punch 2nd & Ramulam Charlie =3rd), Nigel Armstrong (Yarralonga Scope 1st) Blake Robinson ( Ramulam Kick =3rd), Rod Forsyth (Kumbark Todd 5th)
Novice Utility: L-R Blake Robinson (Ramulam Kick =2nd), Simon Leaning (Marionvale Di =2nd), Tara Herbert (Marionvale Tess 5th), Rod Forsyth (Kumbark Todd 1st & Grassvalley Hazel 4th)
Open Yard: L-R Blake Robinson (Nap =2nd), Simon Leaning Marionvale Chip 1st & Marionvale Lad 5th), Nigel Armstrong (Yarralonga Scope =2nd & Tumutvalley Roy 4th)
Patron’s Award: Tara Herbert presented by Tony Boyle

Novice Utility
Judged by Allan Dunn. Final judged by Karyn Buller

1Rod ForsythKumbark Todd (K)5973132
=2Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick (K)7345118
=2Simon LeaningMarionvale Di (BC)6454118
4Rod ForsythGrassvalley Hazel (BC)6843111
5Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (K)6644110
6Tony BoyleBoylee Gus (BC)5743100
7Simon LeaningMarionvale Andy (BC)54 54
=8Phil Barker Barkervale Ringo (K)50 50
=8Tony BoyleBoylee Pickles (BC)50 50
10Ken AthertonRuamulam Charlie (K)49 49

Novice Yard
Judged by Richard McGuire

1Nigel ArmstrongYarralonga Opal (K)9798195
2Simon LeaningMarionvale Di (BC)9596191
3Blake RobinsonEd (K)9495189
4Allan DunnDunns Smallchange (K)9196187
5Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick (K)9285177
6Phil BarkerBarkervale Ringo (K)9279171
7Allan DunnDunns Smallchange (K)9191
8Karyn BullerDunns Chopper (K)8989
9Rod ForsythBarkervale Clark (K)8888
10Tony BoyleBoylee Squirt (BC)8787

Improver Yard
Judged by Hayden Harries

1Simon LeaningMarionvale Di (BC)9390183
=2Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)9090180
=2Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick (K)8892180
4Tanya deBijlRamulam Secret (K)7878156
5Hayden HarriesOlboa Dude (K)8372155
6Blake RobinsonEd (K)80RTD80
=7Karyn Buller Dunns Chopper (K)7373
=7Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad (BC)7373
9Jason CrockfordWyndora Dusty (K)6363
10Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (K)5353
RTD = Retired

Open Yard
Judged by Hayden Harries

1Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip (K)9291183
=2Blake RobinsonNap8990179
=2Nigel ArmstrongYarralonga Scope (K)8990179
4Nigel ArmstrongTumuyvalley Roy(K)8092172
5Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad (BC)7390163
6Jim HarradineDryandra Bridie (BC)8080160
7Allan DunnGogetta Thor (K)8178159
8Shelby HarriesWaterlea Tas (BC)8769156
9Hayden HarriesOlboa Dude(K)8372155
10Tanya deBijlDaleview Wally (BC)7678154
11Rod ForsythKumbark Todd(K)7377150
12Tony BoyleBoylee Sugar (BC)7955134

Open Utility
Judged by Nigel Armstrong

1Nigel ArmstrongYarralonga Scope (K)89.576.5166
2Ken AthertonRamulam Punch (K)8358141
=3Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)5777134
=3Blake EdwardsRamulam Kick (K)6866134
5Rod ForsythKumbark Todd (K)5863121
6Karyn BullerBoco Louie (K)5165116
7Simon LeaningMarionvale Di (BC)5560115
8Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (K)4857105
9Ken AthertonRamulam Fella (K)4954103
10Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad (BC)584098
11Tanya deBijlDaleview Wally (BC)484391
12Simon LeaningMarionvale Andy (BC)533689