Dogpro Plus Pingelly Supreme Sept 2022

Pingelly Trial Ground September 15th – 18th 2022.

Written by Marianne Rogers
Photos by Simon Wallace

The small number but dedicated hard working members of the Esperance and Districts Working Sheepdog Club have done a great job running their club’s third trial for 2022. This was another Supreme Course Trial at the wonderful Pingelly home ground. We were lucky enough to have great trialling weather. Not too hot and only a little rain. Fog briefly delayed the start on the Saturday morning but it lifted quite quickly allowing us to carry on with the trial. The sheep were great, entry numbers were very high and despite a high number of scratchings we did end up with a few time constraints.

The sheep for the Novice and Improver were well presented young yellow tag merino ewes. They could run if the dogs pushed them but they mainly stuck together. They were great obstacle sheep, allowing many in the Novice class to achieve the obstacles including the pen. In the Novice there were 22 scores from 47 runs.

As it got warmer on the Friday the sheep became less compliant and out of 52 runs in the Improver class there were only 14 scores. Another reason for the lower number of scores was the introduction of a ring off of 35 points partway through, followed by a tightening to 25 points.

The sheep for the Open were young, 18 month old, recently shorn yellow tag Merino wethers. A ring off of 35 was applied throughout this class. The wethers were slightly bigger and stronger and more inclined to stand up to the dogs. They could also be extremely runny to start with. Quite a few dogs got the sheep to the handler and then battled to get them to go around the casting peg. It also appeared as if there was a strong pull to the right of the casting peg making it necessary for many triallers to complete the unwinding process. There were 31 scores out of 76 runs. Thirteen dogs went into the open final with only 10 points between the lowest and highest score. This made for an exciting finish as it was anyone’s trial. The top half in the final had to work really hard to put up a second good score.

Judged by Frank Sutherland

1Daniel BeardBoonining Digit [K]
2Cathy Neal Amarillo Alfie [BC]
3Noel MustchinJake [K]

Judged by Yvonne Haynes

1Simon LeaningYarrabee Jack [K]84
2Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Buzz [K]82
3Nan LloydBinnaburra Merlin [K]81
4Rick JanitzRamulam Bee [K]80
5Frank SutherlandRocky Magpie [BC]76
6Per OstbergMy Nr One Favvo [BC]75
7Terry MartinoMarionvale Bo [K]73
8Jan Cornish Bellview Bailey [BC]72
9Marianne RogersAmarillo Artimyst [BC]71
10Frank SutherlandRocky Nicki [BC]69
BC = Border Collie
K = Kelpie

Judged by Rick Janitz

1Nan LloydBinnaburra Merlin [K]87
2Grant CookeGrassvalley Palmer [BC]85
3Per OstbergKarridwons Zoftie [BC]84
4Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Sir Ben [BC]80
5Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy [K]72
6Rod ForsythKumbark Todd [K]62
7Gibb MacDonaldO’Kanes Ned Kelly [BC]61
8Jan CornishBellview Bailey [BC]57
9Simon LeaningMarionvale Caddy [BC]50
10Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar [BC]41
BC = Border Collie
K = Kelpie

Judged by Jane Dorrell

1Dave LaceyAkoonah Lady[BC]8786173
2Dave LaceyAkoonah Holly[BC]8487171
3Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie [K]8882170
4Simon LeaningMarionvale Andy [BC]8577162
5Neil KristiansenPrinces Delta [BC]7982161
6Terry MartinoMarionvale Bo [K]7866144
7Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles [K]8157138
8Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina [K]8945134
9Dave LaceyAkoonah Blondie [BC]7855133
10Grant CookeBadgingarra Fly [BC]8942131
11Neil KristiansenPendalup Sambo [BC]8342125
12Simon LeaningMarionvale Di [BC]85RTD85
13Grant CookeGrassvalley Palmer [BC]83DQ83
BC = Border Collie
K = Kelpie

RTD = Retired
DQ = Disqualified