Dogpro plus Pingelly Supreme 2022

Held on 14th – 17th July 2022, at Esperence Clubs’s Pingelly ground.

Written by Nan Lloyd
Photos by Simon Wallace

This was the second trial for the year at Pingelly run by the Esperence club. This trial was run on a supreme course. Pingelly is a fairly central location and there was a good roll up of competitors.

The trial started at 12 pm Thursday, coinciding with some cold wet conditions which made life a little miserable. It fined up for Friday and Saturday, in fact becoming quite warm for a period in the afternoon. However the rain returned mid morning on Sunday and continued for  the rest of the day, becoming bitterly cold as well.

Simon Leaning - Marionvale Di

The sheep for the novice were young Merinos. They were tricky to handle and caused some issues for most handlers. The same sheep were used for the improver event but they settled considerably on the second day, allowing competitors some more reasonable scores.

In the novice there were 52 entries with 14 scores and in the Improver 47 entries and 15 scores.

The open sheep were mixed aged Merino wethers, and they were some of the most difficult sheep many would have worked for a while. They could cover  a lot of ground in a short space of time, often  before the dog had a chance to get near them, sometimes splitting up as they went. They would not settle and were near impossible to keep on course. They were however, consistent for everyone, and certainly provided some entertainment and some challenges.

The gap was the most difficult obstacle, once they knew their way around it was then hard to persuade them to go through the middle. The pen also proved challenging, some people arriving there on a reasonable score only to run off many points trying to persuade the sheep to go in the pen and stay there.

From 77 runs in this event there were only 29 scores, which really tells the story. Despite the low scores it was a competitive enjoyable trial.

Judged by Corey Rose

1D BeardBoonining Digit (K)
=2C NealeAmarillo Alfie
=2G ChenikPilbarra Daley (K)

Judged by Tanya de Bijl

1D  LaceyAkoonah Roxie72
2J  CornishBellview Bailey58
3D  LaceyAkoonah Lilly43
=4N  ArmstrongTumut Valley Roy (K)42
=4P  DohertyRamulam Sixpence (K)42
=4N  KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar42
7P  OstbergKarridowns Zoftie39
=8N  KristiansenBagingarra Sir Ben38
=8T  BoyleBoylee Major38
10T  BoyleBoylee Whitie35

Judged by Carolyn Bell

1R  ForsythGrassvalley Hazel88
2N  KristiansenBagingarra Sir Ben79
3R ForsythBarkervale Clark (K)74
4F  SutherlandRocky Magpie73
=5G CurtisBinaburra Buzz (K)71
=5N LloydBinaburra Merlin (K)71
=5S  LeaningYarrabee Jack (K)71
8D  DaviesMarionvale Bella65
9T BoyleBoylee Cournel61
10P GormanPendalup Lucy59

Judged by Nan Lloyd

1S  LeaningMarionvale Di6470134
2K AthertonRamulam Fella (K)4879127
3G  CookeGrassvalley Bluey5964123
4P  GormanCoshie’s Dusty7444118
5T  de BijlRamulam Secret (K)6238100
6N  ArmstrongYarralonga Scope (K)465298
7Steve WallaceGibsons Sweep692897
8D  LaceyAkoonah Blondie652893
9C  RoseBoylee Pick612586
10G CurtisRamulam Scotty (K)64RTD64
11N  KristiansenPrinces Delta63X63
12I  SolomonPerangerry Trish58RTD58
X = cross RTD = Retired