Dogpro Plus Albany Arena 2022

Albany Show Grounds 11th – 13th November 2022

Report by Marianne Rogers
Photos Simon Wallace

Albany trial November 2022

One of our long term members voiced the opinion that Albany was always their favourite trial because there was no mud or dust, just lovely green grass for caravans to park on. The reason that there is lovely green grass is that it rains, and rains and rains!

We had cool weather, cloudy periods and showers on Friday and Sunday but Saturday was constant rain and wind except for a brief interval when it hailed!

The wonderful crew (from both Great Southern and some other clubs) that arrived early to help with set up were rewarded with lovely sunny weather on Tuesday, Wednesday and the morning of Thursday. Luckily set up was mostly completed by Thursday lunchtime so we could seek shelter. Fortunately there was a sheltering hub at the camping end of the trial ground and a sturdy horse float at the casting end which served as our trial office.

The Albany Agricultural Society had fenced the trial ground beforehand but willingly provided both equipment and labour to move the far fence closer in and rotate the fence stabilising units to the outside so sheep and dogs would not be injured by the sharp edges. Ken from Zambonetti Transport visited the site Wednesday to ensure the truck had sufficient room to enter, unload, reload plus turn around to leave the grounds.

Despite a few minor hiccups; dog food arriving in the nick of time on Friday and security forgetting to unlock gates for us in the morning, the trial ran relatively smoothly. We had many scratchings for various reasons but the lower numbers helped make for a very relaxed trial.

The gorgeous young merino lambs supplied by Kayden McDonald from Southern Feedlot were a very even line of sheep. They were sometimes runny and challenging to pick up but once under control were generally co-operative in going through the obstacles and into the pen. We had 200 delivered on the Thursday and Friday evenings and 150 delivered on the Saturday evening.

The Open judged by Peter Gorman was run first. Out of 62 runs there were 25 scores with 22 pens. For most runs it was a case of pen or disaster! The Encourage run took place at lunch time and Daniel Beard achieved his first pen. He managed to repeat this feat in the Improver achieving a very respectable 7th place.

The Novice judged by Corey Rose was run after the first round of the Open. Out of 37 runs there were 12 scores all with a pen.

The Improver judged by Brad Rose was next. From 36 runs there were 18 scores with 14 pens. Due to the reduced numbers we were able to allow 15 minutes for all three classes.

The Open Final started shortly before midday on Sunday. After the rain on Saturday it felt very pleasant to have some dry weather. The sheep were slightly more challenging through the final leaving handlers with a range of scores, making for an exciting finish.

Most of the triallers were congregated at the let out (camping) side of the trial ground, where there was some shelter from the weather. The club provided scores at both ends of the trial ground with members from the office sending results to members at the shelter side so they could be posted up for triallers to see.

Great Southern members as well as members from various other clubs helped with set up, let out, office duties, judge lunches etc. and their efforts were all very much appreciated.

WAWSDA have a long history with the Albany Show having run their first sheepdog trial at the show in 1949. Great Southern Working Sheepdog Club have run this trial since the club’s revival in 2009. (This was after a few individuals ran an unofficial trial in 2008.) The Agricultural Society, Albany community and local sponsors have been very generous to us. Malcolm Webb from the the Albany Veterinary Hospital deserves a special mention as he has gifted prizes for the winners and place getters of each class, every year since 2008. Hopefully there will be some sheepdog trials at the Albany Show in future years despite the likely clash with other shows from 2023.

Judged by Tara Herbert

1Daniel BeardBooning Digit (K)
K = Kelpie

Judged by Cory Rose

1Rick JanitzRamulam Bee (K)80
2Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles (K)78
3Des DaviesMarionvale Bella (BC)77
4Gibb MacDonaldEllie75
5Marianne RogersAmarillo Artemyst (BC)67
6Rod ForsythKumbark Todd (K)66
7Frank SutherlandRocky Bindi (BC)64
8Tony BoyleBoylee Squirt (BC)60
9Frank SutherlandRocky Maggie (BC)58
10Marianne RogersOK Anwenelle (BC)54
K = Kelpie
BC = Border Collie

Judged by Brad Rose

1Peter GormanPendalup Patches (BC)85
2Dave LaceyAkoonah Lilly (BC)84
3Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Sir Ben (BC)80
=4Peter GormanPendalup Ted (BC)79
=4Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles (K)79
6Carolyn BellBellview Flier (BC)77
7Daniel BeardBoonining Digit (K)74
8Tony BoyleBoylee Gus (BC)73
9Terry MartinoMarionvale Bo (K)72
10Rod ForsythBarkervale Clark (K)71
K = Kelpie
BC = Border Collie

Judged by Peter Gorman

1Ken AthertonRamulam Fella (K)9377170
2Dave LaceyAkoonah Lady (BC)9177168
3Grant CookeGrassvalley Palmer (BC)9274166
4Dave LaceyBrands Hatch Tusker (BC)8082162
5Ivan SolomonPerangery Trish (BC)8375158
6Ken AthertonRamulam Prickles (K)8572157
7Ivan SolomonRocky Fran (BC)8661147
8Per OstbergKarridowns Zoftie (BC)8165146
9Tony BoyleBoylee Midget (BC)8457141
10Frank SutherlandRocky Maggie8135116
11Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)87X87
12Dave LaceyAkoonah Blondie (BC)80X80
K = Kelpie
BC = Border Collie