Wagin Arena Sept 2022

September 30th to October 2nd, 2022

Written by Marianne Rogers
Images Simon Wallace

An incredible mix of weather appeared for Central Districts Working Sheepdog Club’s second trial of the year. Friday was balmy, Saturday was windy but cooler and Sunday was freezing! Luckily all days were pleasant enough for us to enjoy our sheepdog trialling and I am sure dogs and sheep enjoyed the cool change.

Due to the breakdown of a sheep transport truck, Chris English very kindly provided another small truck in which he ferried sheep back and forth on a continuous basis. Owing to this change, he supplied his own sheep for the trial, to reduce traveling distance. The sheep were well presented yellow tag merino ewes. They ran if the dogs pushed them but they mostly stuck together and quite often stood up to the dogs. They were generally great obstacle sheep, once you had negotiated the race.

Novice was Judged by Steve Wallace and there were 12 scores from 37 runs. Improver was judged by Len Morton and there were 15 scores from 35 runs. Open was judged by Phil Dorrell and there were 21 scores from 46 runs.

Several triallers could not get to this trial due to their commitments at the Royal show or because they were traveling to the Supreme in Tasmania. On top of this there were 15 scratchings for various reasons.

This all meant that the overall numbers were fairly low at 118 plus 12 for the open final. We had a wonderful relaxed trial with no time constraints which made a very pleasant atmosphere for the competitors.

Much socializing happened around the lovely campsite especially on the first balmy evening. Laughter and tall stories could be heard from all directions.

The sheep were great in that they gave everyone a chance to work them.

They could also be quite testing and many good dogs and handlers came to grief. There was 30 point variation between the highest and lowest scores to make the open final. Of interest was the fact that the dogs with the top three scores in the first round of the open were the top three placed dogs after the final!

Judged by Rose Cassidy

1Shelby DaviesDenzil (K)
K – Kelpie

Judged by Stephen Wallace
The run-off for first place was decided by the Improver scores.

1Blake RobinsonNap (K)8072152
2Phil DorrellJandoree Shrek (BC)8050130
3Peter GormanPendalup Ted (BC)78 78
4Per OstbergKarridowns Zoftie (BC)72 72
5Jan Cornish Bellview Ted (BC)70 70
6Neil WhyteGogetta Duchess (K)54 54
7Des DaviesMarionvale Bella (BC)51 51
8Neil WhyteBarkervale Cobber (K)49 49
9Gibb MacDonaldEllie (BC)40 40
10Rose CassidyBadgingarra Zoe (BC)34 34
K Kelpie
BC – Border Collie

Judged by Len Morton

1Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar (BC)83
2Peter GormanPendalup Ted (BC)79
3Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Sir Ben (BC)77
4Blake RobinsonNap (K)72
5Peter DohertyRamulam Sixpence (K)71
6Doreen HansenBinnaburra Bubbles (K)66
7Per OstbergMy Nr One Favvo (BC)59
8Gibb MacDonaldEllie (BC)55
=9Marianne RogersOK Anwenelle (BC)51
=9Per OstbergKarridowns Zoftie (BC)51
K Kelpie
BC – Border Collie

Judged by Phil Dorrell

1Peter GormanPendalup Lucy (BC)8380163
2Peter GormanPendalup Cloudy (BC)8278160
3Ken AthertonRamulam Fella (K)8275157
4Peter GormanCoshies Dusty (BC)7974153
5Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Maggie (BC)6779146
6Len MortonPerangery Sadie (BC)7766143
7Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Sir Ben (BC)6374137
8Peter GormanPendalup Ted (BC)7059129
9Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar (BC)79X79
10Marianne RogersAmarillo Artimyst (BC)74X74
11Ken AthertonRamulam Punch (K)69RTD69
12Jane DorrellCloverlea Dot (BC)53X53
K Kelpie
BC – Border Collie
X – Cross
RTD – Retired