Dogpro Plus Tarwonga Yard & Utility

Article and Photos by Nan Lloyd

Mayanup Sheep dog club hosted the first Yard and Utility trial for the year at Tarwonga, about 35 kms south of Williams on the Albany Highway.

The weather was a little too warm on the first two days of the trial but cooled down for the last two days. There was also some rain, with a very chilly morning on the Sunday.

The sheep were very big woolly three year old wethers, and could be tough going at times. Outside they were not too bad, but were a bit of a struggle for the weaker dogs. They were hard to get through the obstacles as they would rather turn and face the dog than go anywhere and if pressured would split.

Only a few people managed to pen them.

In the yards they were a bit tougher especially on the big gathers. Pressure was required to yard them but too much and they could break fast and head back to the gate. The calmer dogs handled them better in the yard, they did not like being hassled too much. Due to their size, if they turned around in the race it was difficult to get them facing the right way, so a few top runs came unstuck there. They were quite good in the truck but very jumpy in the smaller yard leading up to it.

They provided a great challenge though and everyone had a good chance to work them.

It was a well run trial with everyone pitching in to help out. The BBQ in the evening is always a highlight and a chance to commiserate on the runs of the day, discuss dogs from years ago, and talk about our future stars.

Novice Utility
Judged by Rod Forsyth (Rod judged by Karyn Buller & Gordon Curtis)

1Karyn BullerBoonining Maisy (K)63
2Ken Atherton Ramulam Prickles (K)60
3Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick (K)59
4Simon Leaning Marionvale Andy (BC)57
5Jason CrockfordWyndora Pippa (K)56
6Gordon CurtisBinnaburra Buz (K)54
7Jason CrockfordWyndora Dusty (K)53
=8Blake RobinsonEd (K)52
=8Ken Atherton Ramulam Charlie (K)52
10Simon LeaningMarionvale Di (BC)51

Open Utility
Judged by Simon Leaning (Simon judged by Nan Lloyd & Gordon Curtis)

1Gordon CurtisWhites Joe (K)7976155
2Tanya de BijlDaleview Walley (BC)6866134
3Simon Leaning Marionvale Lad (BC)6263125
4Rod ForsythKumbark Todd (K)5860118
5Blake RobinsonNap (K)6548113
6Simon Leaning Marinvale Di (BC)6052.5112.5
=7Gordon CurtisKumbark Indi (K)5754111
=7Tanya de BijlRamulam Secret (K)6348111
9Nan LloydKumbark Ace (K)7436110
10Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick (K)6345108
11Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina (K)603898
12Tanya de BijlDaleview Scout (BC)593089
13Karyn BullerBoco Louie (K)58LS58
LS = Lost Sheep

Novice Yard
Judged by Allan Dunn (Allan judged by Gordon Curtis & Ken Atherton)

1Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (K)97
2Ken AthertonRamulam Fella (K)95
3Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)94
4Simon LeaningMarionvale Di (BC)93
5Blake RobinsonEd (K)92
6Tanya de BijlRamulam Secret (K)91
7Nan LloydBinnaburra Merlin (K)89
8Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick (K)88
9Shelby HarriesWaterlea Tas (K)87
10Tony Boyle Boylee Gus (BC)81

Improver Yard
Judged by Ken Atherton (Ken judged by Gordon Curtis & Richard McGuire)

1Shelby HarriesWaterlea Tas (K)7665141
2Nan LloydBinnaburra Merlin (K)7662138
3Alan DunnSmall Change (K)7265137
4Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick (K)8948137
5Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad (BC)8549134
6Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)72.559131.5
7Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (K)6464
8Simon LeaningMarionvale DI (BC)5959
9Hayden HarriesOlboa Dude (K)5858
10Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (K)5353

Open Yard
Judged by Ken Atherton (Ken judged by Gordon Curtis & Richard McGuire)

1Alan DunnGogetta Thor (K)8096176
2Nan LloydKumbark Ace (K)8589174
3Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad (BC)8577162
4Rod ForsythKumbark Tod (K)7880158
5Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip (K)7482156
6Blake RobinsonNap (K)7382155
7Tanya de BijlDaleview Walley (BC)8470154
8Karyn BullerBoco Louie (K)5478132
9Hayden HarriesOlboa Dude (K)584098
10Ken AhtertonRamulam Punch (K)62RTD62
11Jim HarradineDryandra Bridie (BC)55DQ55
12Tony BoyleBoylee Sugar (BC)34LS34
RTD = Retired DQ = Disqualified LS = Lost Sheep