Dogpro+ Pingelly Arena

Written by Nan Lloyd
Photos by Nan Lloyd and Simon Wallace

Esperance club hosted the third arena trial for 2022 which was held at Pingelly.

Pingelly trials only commenced last year and the club has done a great job setting up a lovely trial ground.

The trial started Thursday lunchtime and sheep were quite good, with most people having a chance to work them.  They were a little tricky on the first obstacle and getting around the winding peg was not easy.

On Friday they became a little more challenging as the weather changed a little but, if handled right they were compliant enough.

The open sheep were big three-year-old wethers which worked very well, which was reflected in the scores.  Most people were able to have a good go at them.

They were good obstacle sheep, and although a few handlers had them exit the pen before they could get the gate shut, they were happy to comply most of the time.  They didn’t like being hassled though and needed careful handling at times.

The Open was a closely contested event with only eight points separating the top 14 dogs.  In the final result there were only six points separating first to fifth place.

The weather was pleasant enough but did warm up a little on the Saturday and Sunday. There was some rain on the Friday which kept the dust down.

In the novice there were 51 runs with 18 scores, the Improver had 46 runs with 20 scores, and the Open 78 runs and 41 scores.

Judged by Tara Herbert and Gordon Curtis

1stSarah de BuegerMarionvale Possum (K)
Terry MartinoMarionvale Bo (K)
Cathy NealeAmarillo Alfie
Petra GuseMouse
Anna JenningsPilbara Sam (K)
Shelby HarriesWaterlea Tas
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched

Judged by Yvonne Haynes

1Rose CassidyNolans Shana94
2Dave LaceyAkoonah Roxie88
3Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Oscar81
4Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (K)76
=5Rose CassidyBadgingarra Zoe75
=5Nan LloydBinnaburra Merlin (K)75
7Per OstbergKorridowns Zoftie74
8Simon LeaningMarionvale Caddy73
9Rod ForsythBarkervale Clark (K)72
10Jan CornishBellview Ted71
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched

Judged by Tim Foster

1Simon LeaningMarionvale Di89
2Nan LloydKumbark Ace (K)85
3Peter GormanPendalup Lucy83
4Dave Lacey Farnham Will82
5Rose CassidyNolans Shana81
6Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Sir Ben79
7Rod ForsythBarkervale Clark (K)78
8Per OstbergKorridowns Zoftie75
9Frank SutherlandRocky Bindi74
10Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (K)73
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched

Judged by Jenny Atherton

(Top 12 plus ties)

1Dave LaceyBrands Hatch Tusker9493187
2Ivan SolomonPerangerry Trish9393186
3Dave LaceyAkoonah Holly9390183
=4Grant CookeBadgingarra Fly9587182
=4Nan LloydKumbark Lexie (K)9389182
6Gordon CurtisWhites Joe (K)8792179
7Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Magpie8782169
8Dave LaceyFarnham Will8975164
9Simon LeaningMarionvale Andy8969158
10Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (K)8769156
11Neil KristiansenBadgingarry Sir Ben92DQ92
12Peter GormanCoshies Dusty91DQ91
13Peter GormanPendalup Steel90X90
14Ken AthertonRamulam Punch (K)87Rtd87
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched