Dogpro+ Mayanup Arena 2022

Written by Marianne Rogers
Photos by Jenny Atherton

Mayanup Trial was very interesting weather wise with different conditions on the three days. Friday was hot and windy, north easterly, reaching a top of 36 degrees.  Saturday was so much cooler 16 to 22 degrees it actually felt cold and Sunday the rain came, luckily mainly drizzle. The changing weather did not affect the sheep.

The sheep were Ewe Dohne Hoggits and they were always ready to take off, sometimes seemingly for no reason. Dogs that stayed off them fared better.

Getting the sheep to the left hand side of the casting peg was a challenge for most dogs and the bridge often proved the end point for the sheep’s co operation, if you had achieved that to start with! 

Possibly there were more retires in the heat on the Friday as running sheep around in the heat especially now they are so valuable is never a good idea.

There were a number of scratchings for various reasons  and numbers were fairly low but adequate to keep let out, canteen etc. operating.

Encourage followed the Novice and most of the Improver was completed by end of trialling on Friday.

Encourage was judged by Simon Leaning accompanied by Tara Herbert.

Novice was judged by Des Davies. There were 23 runs with 5 scores.

Improver was judged by Steve Wallace. There were 23 runs with 9 scores and in the final 5 there were 2 scores.

Open was judged by Simon Leaning. There were 40 runs with 17 scores and in the final 12 there were 8 scores.

Judged by
Simon Leaning & Tara Herbert

1Shelby HarriesWaterlea Tas
2Robert SmithBoonining Duck (K)
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched

Judged by Des Davies

1Robert SmithBoonining Duck (K)65
2Ivan SolomonNolans Bart56
3Ken AthertonRamulam Judy (K)33
4Ken AthertonRamulam Lady (K)29
5Tony BoyleBoylee Whitie13
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched

Judged by
Steve Wallace (Top five run off)

1Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)7748125
2Per OstbergKarridowns Zoftie334881
3Dave LaceyFarnhan Will37LS37
4Robert SmithBoonining Duck (K)26LS26
5Brad RoseBellview Flier22X22
6Des DaviesMarionvale Bella1616
7Rod ForsythGrassvalley Hazel (K)1616
8Tara Herbert Marionvale Tess (K)66
9Tony BoyleBoylee Cournel55
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched

Open Final
Judged by
Simon Leaning

1Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)3178109
2Dave LaceyFarnam Will6139100
3Tanya DeBiljBoylee Scout543589
4Dave LaceyAkoonah Holly523688
5Ivan SolomonRocky Fran483785
6Ken AthertonRamulam Punch (K)404484
7Frank SutherlandPendalup Sue393877
8Ken AthertonRamulam Fella (K)442569
9Tanya DeBiljDaleview Wally67RTD67
10Frank MaynardAkoonah Sherry47RTD47
11Rod ForsythGrassvalley Hazel (K)47SCR47
12Corey RoseBoylee Pick39X39
X = Cross, RTD = Retired, DQ = Disqualified, LS = Lost Sheep, SCR = Scratched