Tarwonga Yard & Utility

Author Nan Lloyd
Images by Nan Lloyd and Karyn Buller

Tarwonga was the venue for the first yard and utility trial of the year, run by the Mayanup club.

Usually we work shorn ewes at the trial but this year we had three year old wethers, with about 10 months wool on them.

They were very big and very stubborn, and it took a lot of persuasion to get them to do anything they didn’t want to do.

Open Utility Winner Tanya Debijl with Daleview Wally.

Once the five sheep were picked up and brought down the ground, they had to be put into a small pen outside the main yards. This proved more difficult than expected.

Some people retired not having got them in and some lost their sheep as, the sheep decided that heading over the fence was preferable to going into the pen. Stopping them was not that easy. Some teams actually struggled to get them down the ground at all.

In the yard the big gathers were the hardest part, as the sheep just turned to face the dog and refused to enter.
The sheep flowed for some dogs but for most, it was  a battle. They were quite good in the race but stubborn in the draft.

The trial started with dry mild conditions, leading to a fairly warm Saturday. The rain started on Sunday morning and continued for hours, turning the sheep yards from a dust-bowl to a mud bath. Everyone dug out their wet weather gear to cope with the conditions and it became fairly uncomfortable by the end of the trial. It was decided not to run any finals, so those with the top scores in the first round were the winners.
Usually after a Yard and Utility trial finishes, everyone pitches in and helps pull down and pack away the yards and fences. However due to the weather, Mayanup club kindly allowed everyone to head straight home, creating a lot of work for themselves at a later date. The gesture was very much appreciated by all the triallers, as the ground (and the triallers) were waterlogged and everyone was happy to head home.

It was good to have such challenging sheep to work and most people appreciated the challenge. It was a great experience for the dogs.

For the first time WA added an Improver class in the yard, and the open yard was run under Australian Yard Dog Association rules.

Novice Utility
Judged by Tanya Debijl
Maximum points 130

1Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip75
2Rod ForsythKumbark Tod69
=3Neil EastoughEasties Ziggy67
=3Karyn BullerBoonining Maisy67
5Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick62
=6Allan DunnGoGetta Thor59
=6Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty59

Novice Yard
Judged by Nigel Armstrong
Maximum points 70

1Blake RobinsonNap56
2Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina52
3Rod ForsythKumbark Tod51
4Neil EastoughEasties Bones49
5Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick44
6Gordon CurtisKumbark Indi43

Improver Yard
Judged by Gordon Curtis
Maximum points 100

1Tanya DebijlDaleview Wally8388171
2Simon Leaning Binge8377160
3Simon Leaning Marionvale Lad82
4Tony BoyleBoylee Midget73
5Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick70
6Blake RobinsonNap69

Open Yard
Judged by Gordon Curtis
Maximum points 100

1Nigel ArmstrongYarralonga Scope87
2Nan LloydKumbark Ace86
3Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad82
4Tony BoyleBoylee Midget73
=5Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy 70
=5Blake Robinson Ramulam Kick70
=7Jason CrockfordEulooka Belle69
=7Blake Robinson Nap69
=9Jason CrockfordWyndora Strife68
=9Rod ForsythKumbark Tod68
11Jim HarradineDryandra Bridie67
12Allan DunnGoGetta Thor65

Open Utility
Judged by Simon Leaning
Maximum points 130

1Tanya DebijlDaleview Wally86
2Blake RobinsonRamulam Kick80
3Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy74
4Nigel ArmstrongYarralonga Scope68
5Simon Leaning Binge66.5
6Neil EastoughEasties Bones64
7Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty61
8Neil EastoughEasties Ziggy58
=9Nan LloydWhites Ree57
=9Karyn BullerBoco Louie57
11Rod ForsythKumbark Tod56
12Rod ForsythBarkervale Clark55