State Yard & Utility Dogpro Plus

Binnaburra 2021

Author Nan Lloyd
Images by Nan Lloyd

Covid has made trialing a little uncertain and the first Binnaburra trial had to be cancelled, so it was great to be able to run the state event, although it was run at a later time than usual.

Because of this the sheep had almost 12 months wool on them, and were challenging in the yard. The truck caused a lot of headaches, some sheep didn’t want to go in , some didn’t want to come out. Lots of points were lost here. Also the first gather was a little tricky and the occasional sheep just jumped over the fence, for no good reason.

Outside they were quite good, generally happy to go in the obstacles, but when the wind sprung up they became a little more flighty. Some of them were not keen to enter the yards either.

The weather was fairly typical for this time of year. The first day was  wet cold and windy, there was a crunching frost on Saturday,  then it warmed up a little for the last two days.

There were a few difficulties behind the scenes at this trial, so it was great that everyone pitched in to help.

We are only a relatively small group and there is always a lot to do at a Utility trial.

It was an enjoyable event, and the evenings in the shed around the diesel “Woofer” at the BBQ, were as always, a highlight.

There was a patrons prize for each event, which was chosen by the judge for good work.

Novice Yard winner, Gordon Curtis and Kumbark Tina.

Novice utility winner, Nan Lloyd and Kumbark Lexie.

Improver yard Winner, Allan Dunn and Gogetta Thor.

Open Yard winner, Tony Boyle and Boylee Sugar.

Open utility winner, Neil White and Barkervale Cobber.

As this was the final utility trial for the year, the Utility DOY was decided.

The winner was Nigel Armstrong with Yarralonga Scope,

Runner up was Nan Lloyd and Kumbark Ace.


1Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (K)
2Karen SmithDelamak Heidi (K)

Novice Utility Final

Judged by Rod Forsyth.
Rod was judged by Ken Atherton and Simon Leaning.
Scores out of 115.
There was a tie for first and a run off.

1Gordon Curtis Kumbark Scotty (K)928017299271
2Ken AthertonRamulam Fella (K)779517275247
3Tony BoyleBoylee Gus (BC)7466140
4Rod ForsythGrassvalley Hazel (BC)7358.5131.5
5Jim HarradineDryandra Bridie (BC)80Ret80
6Simon LeaningMarionvale Andy (BC)70
7Tony BoyleBoylee Pickles (BC)69
8Phil BarkerBarkervale Ringo (K)62
=9Allan DunnGogetter Thor (K)60
=9Tony BoyleBoylee Squirt (BC)60

Open Utility Final

Judged by Nigel Armstrong.
Nigel was judged by Nan Lloyd and Simon Leaning.
Scores out of 115.

1Ken AthertonRamulam Punch (K)7985164
2Rod ForsythKumbark Tod (K)8776163
3Nigel ArmstrongYarralonga Scope (K)7580.5155.5
=4Nan LloydKumbark Ace (K)8172153
=4Rod ForsythGrassvalley Hazel (K)6489153
6Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy (K)7477.5151.5
7Gordon CurtisKumbark Indi (K)6878146
8Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad (BC)7174145
9Grant CookeGrassvalley Bluey (BC)6282144
10Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina (K)7261133
11Neil WhyteParkerville Cobber (K)6449113
12Nan LloydBarkervale Oswin (K)65Ret65

Novice Yard Final

Judged by Allan Dunn.
Final judged by Nan Lloyd.
Scores out of 65.

1Gordon CurtisKumbark Tina (K)6559124
2Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad (BC)6459123
3Rod ForsythKumbark Tod (K)6254116
=4Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)5955114
=4Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip (K)6054114
6Neil WhyteParkerville Cobber (K)5950109
7Simon LeaningMarionvale Di (BC)593190
=8Nan LloydKumbark Lexie (K)58
=8Tony Boyle Boylee Guss (BC)58
=8Tony Boyle Boylee Major (BC)58

Improver Yard Final

Judged by Ken Atherton.
Scores out of 100.

1Allan DunnGogetta Thor (K)8896184
2Allan DunnDunns Smallchange (K)8485169
3Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip (K)7683159
4Rod ForsythKumbark Tod (K)7085155
5Grany CookeGrassvalley Bluey (BC)6678144
6Jim HarradineDryandra Cooch (BC)6667133
=7Neil WhyteBarkervale Cobber (K)65
=7Karyn BullerBoco Louie (Mork) (K)65
9Tony BoyleBoylee Midget (BC)38
10Phil BarkerBarkervale Ringo (K)32

Open Yard Final

Judged by Simon Leaning.
Scores out of 100.
There was a tie for first and a run off.

1Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy (K)859618193274
2Allan DunnGogetta Thor (K)899218185266
3Ken AthertonRamulam Punch (K)7980169
4Nigel ArmstrongYarralonga Scope (K)7688166
5Tony BoyleBoylee Midget (BC)7684160
6Jim HarradineDryandra Bridie (BC)8375158
7Nan LloydKumbark Ace (K)8070150
8Tony BoyleBoylee Sugar (BC)5292144