State Arena Ballidu Dogpro Plus

Written by Nan Lloyd
Photos by by Nan Lloyd and Simon Wallace

The state Arena trial was hosted by the Northern Districts club this year. The club has run three trials in under a month, two of which were state events, so it has been a big effort for club members.

The weather for the event was somewhat cold and windy for the first two days, then warmed up for the last two.

The sheep responded to the weather being quite difficult under the windy conditions but settling as it warmed up.

These sheep were a mix of new sheep and sheep that had been used at the Ballidu annual trial six weeks earlier. Generally they worked well but if hassled too much, not headed properly, or if they just did not like the dog, they would head for the fence and it was difficult for  the dogs to pull them up.

It was a great social event culminating with an enjoyable dinner Saturday night and the sharing of some phone videos which livened things up considerably.

There were 48 entries in the novice with 17 scores, the improver had 50 entries and 16 scores and the open had 80 entries and 25 scores.

Novice Results
Judged by Brad Rose

1Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)89
2Jenny NolanNolans Soul83
3Neil KristiansenBadgingarra Maggi80
4Ivan SolomonNolans Bart73
=5Carolyn BellGibsons Smokey70
=5Rod ForsythBarkervale Clark (K)70
=7Jenny NolanNolans Jasper68
=7Frank SutherlandPendalup Niki68
9Peter GormanPendalup Lucy67
10Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (K)64

Improver Results
Judged by Nan Lloyd
There was a tie for first so the winning score was taken from the Open run.

1Ken AthertonRamulam Fella (K)8061141
2Peter DohertyKarrabar Cobba (K)80X80
3Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (K)79
4Rose CassidyNolans Shana78
5Jenny NolanNolans Jedda77
6Dave LaceyFarnham Will75
=7Rod ForsythBarkervale Clark (K)74
=7Peter GormanPendalup Lucy74
9Per OstbergMy Nonc Favvo71
10Malcolm SeymourCoshies Bella57

Open Results
Judged by Wayne Hall

1Peter GormanCoshies Dusty8992181
2Grant CookeGrassvalley Fly8787174
3Ken AthertonRamulam Punch (K)8885173
4Dave LaceySomerville Katie8283165
5Tony BoyleBoylee Midget8478162
6Dave LaceyBrands Hatch Tusker8175156
7Nan LloydKumbark Lexie (K)8371154
8Peter GormanPendalup Steel8172153
9Rose Cassidy Nolans Shana8742129
10Neil KristansenPrinces Delta8535120
11Simon LeaningMarionvale Chip (K)86X86
12Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad82LS82