Pingelly Supreme

Author Nan Lloyd
Images by Nan Lloyd and Simon Wallace

This was Pingelly’s second arena trial for the year, hosted by the Esperence club.

Pingelly can be very chilly. The first day of the trial was windy and cold, and was followed by a a mild frost that night. The rest of the trial was cool but quite bearable although we did not see much sunshine the whole weekend. It started to rain a little towards the end of the open final, but held off until we were packed up and finished. It has been a very wet year, with waterlogged paddocks and impassable roads. One trialler could not get his bus off his property, and they managed to bog two vehicles at the rear of the trial grounds, one of them was a large tractor.  One competitor could not attend as a tree fell on her caravan in a storm. After many dry years though no-one was complaining.

The sheep were something else. They were very difficult to pickup from the top of the ground, racing madly along the fence into the corner and sometimes over the fence. There were many crosses as the sheep were fast and could split if upset. The calmer smoother dogs fared a little better, the sheep did not like being pressured.

The sheep for novice and Improver where the same, and while they were reasonably workable on the first day they got progressively worse as the weekend wore on.

The open sheep were a different mob and were even more difficult. These also had a tendency to take on some dogs, particularly dogs that had too much breakout, allowing the sheep to take ground. Some sheep just stood and faced the dog at the obstacle, refusing to enter and splitting if pressured too much.

It was fun for the spectators, not so much for the competitors though.

At least we had the Pingelly Recreation and Cultural centre to have an evening meal and drink to find solace. Meals were lovely and the building is beautiful.

Novice had 38 runs with 17 scores. Improver had 42 runs and 11 scores. Open had 52 runs with 21 scores.

Encourage Placings
Judged by Frank Sutherland

1Nic FordDryandra Thunderstruck
2Rose Cassidy Nolans Shona
3Sarah De BeugerMarionvale Possum (Kelpie)
4Tara HerbertMarionvale Tess (Kelpie)
5Lilly JenningsMarionvale Andy

Novice Placings
Judged by Yvonne Haynes

1Dave Lacey Farnham Will84
2Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (Kelpie)79
3Len MortonPerengery Maude72
4Tanya DeBijlDaleview Wally69
5Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy66
6Steve WallaceGibsons Sweep65
7Tanya DeBijlJarrah (Kelpie)61
8Nan LloydKumbark Lexie (Kelpie)59
9Ivan SolomonNolans Bart50
10Pete DohertyRamulam Sixpence (Kelpie)49

Improver Placings
Judged by Gibb MacDonald

1Steve WallaceGibsons Sweep 70
2Ivan SolomonNolans Bart64
3Caroline BellGibsons Smokey57
4Andrew GortonOlboa May56
5Frank SutherlandRocky Nikki53
6Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty (Kelpie)49
7Nigel ArmstrongTumutvalley Roy (Kelpie)46
8Rick JanitzBadgingarra Izzy42
=9Ken AthertonRamulam Charlie (Kelpie)33
=9Rose CassidyNolans Shana33

Open Placings
Judged by Gordon Curtis

1Peter Gorman Coshies Dusty7584159
=2Nan LloydKumbark Lexie (Kelpie)8077157
=2Tanya DeBijlBoylee Scout8077157
=4Dave LaceyAkoonah Blondie7448122
=4Frank MaynardAkoonah Sherry6458122
6Andrew GortonOlboa May8234116
7Tanya DeBijlDaleview Wally632386
8Simon LeaningMarionvale Di81X81
9Ivan SolomonPerengery Fran79LS79
10Steve WallaceGibsons Sweep78LS78
11Dave LaceyAkoonah Lady73LS73
12Ivan SolomonPerengery Trish58RET58