Margaret River

Photos by Simon Wallace

Sheep dog trialling returned to Margaret River on November 5th and 6th 2021 after a forced break due to the Covid-19 lock-downs of 2020.

The event was held on the cricket oval in conjunction with the Margaret River Agricultural Show. We were a little away from the show but, the spectators managed to find their way and showed their support.

The event was an unofficial event which meant the committee allowed some modifications to the rules of the Novice event. New Handlers and handlers with inexperienced dogs were encouraged to assist their dogs when casting and were given some leeway if a cross occurred.

New judges Des Davies and Stephen Wallace were given the opportunity to gain trial experience under the watchful eye of Chief Judge Frank Sutherland.

Six handlers entered the Encourage event. Daniel Beard, Anna Jennings and Benji Leggate made their debut runs all working Kelpies.

The weather was typical cape weather for this time of year, a little drizzle, a little wind and some sunshine.

The sheep proved to be a good test for the dogs. The more settled dogs got the results.
There were 39 Novice runs with 10 scores and the Open had 59 runs with 21 scores.

The Novice event was won by Per Ostberg with My Nr One Favvo with a score of 83.

The Open finished in a tie between Tony Boyle with Boylee Cournel and Dave Lacey with Summerville Kate on 97 points.
Both dogs had great runs in the run-off until they got to the pen. The sheep broke away from each dog, but they both managed to regain control.
Tony and Cournel won the day with 79 points against Dave and Kate who managed 74 points.

Nicole Ford was the recipient of the Carolyn Bell Novice Handler award with her dog Dryandra Thunderstruck.

EncourageJudged by Corey Rose
1Sarah DeBuegerMarionvale Possum (K)74
2Nicole FordDryandra Thunderstruck70
3Daniel BeardBoonining Digit (K)50
4Petra GuiseMouse 46
=5Anna JenningsPilbara Sam (K)Rtd
=6Benji LeggateAnubis Bentley DennisRtd
NoviceJudged by Des Davies & Steve Wallace
1Per OstbergMyNr One Favvo83
2Karyn BullerBoonining Maisey (K)81
=3Rick JanzRamulam Bee (K)79
=3Tara Herbert Marionvale Tess (K)79
=5Petra GuiseMouse71
=5Jan CornishBellview Ted71
7Per OstbergKarridowns Zoftie66
8Des DaviesMarionvale Bella62
9Jenny WhitelockBoylee Talent55
10Brad RoseBellview Anna43
OpenJudged by
Rick Janitz, Doreen Hansen & Carolyn Bell
1Tony BoyleBoylee Cournel9779176
2Dave LaceySummerville Kate9774171
3Dave LaceyAkoonah Blondie9494
4Dave LaceyAkoonah Lady9292
5Tony BoyleBoylee Midget9191
6Dave LaceyBrands Hatch Tusker8686
=7Karyn BullerBoco Louie (K)8585
=7Simon LeaningMarionvale Lad8585
9Tony BoyleBoylee Gus8383
10Simon LeaningMarionvale Andy8080
=11Tony BoyleBoylee Sugar7979
=11Carolyn BellBellview Ben7979