State Arena Championships Wagin

Wagin was the venue for this year’s State Arena Championships, which was run by Centrals Sheepdog club.

Wagin is a small town about 230 south of Perth.
It is a beautiful ground with great facilities.
Improvements include a brick office and a new white fence.

The state dinner was held on Friday night at the Palace Hotel.
It was well attended and very much enjoyed by all, with delicious food and a lot of wine.

Unfortunately, we were not blessed by the weather and the sheep were somewhat difficult.
On Thursday and Friday morning the weather was fairly mild, but with chilly nights, and there was a light frost on Saturday morning. However, the freezing wind started on Friday and worsened as the weekend went on. By the time the open final was run it was blowing a gale. Modifications were needed to the race mid final, as the wind kept blowing it over. It was bitterly cold, and dust was flying due to the dry conditions.

The sheep were small Merino’s that could run extremely fast and refused to settle for most dogs. Many people retired at the race as the sheep kept making mad dashes back to the let-outs. Occasionally they settled for a team for some unknown reason, but basically it was luck of the draw as to how the sheep reacted. If the race was negotiated early then they were a bit easier going up the bridge but difficult to pen, in some cases going in and just coming out again. They were so reactive it was not easy to place the dog in a position of control to settle them.

Some of the more experienced dogs managed to put a score on the board, but it was hard going for most teams.
It was however an action-packed trial and provided a worthy challenge.
The trial was well attended, and it was great to see such a good roll up.

In the novice there were 56 entries and 12 scores.
In the Improver 51 entries and 17 scores.
In the open 81 entries and 26 scores.

There was a patrons award for the best cast lift and draw in each event.
Novice Winner was Neil Whyte and Barkervale Austin.
Improver winner was Jenny Palm and Brindabella Domini.
Open winner was Len Morton and Perengary Sadie.

As this was the last trial of the year, the Dog of the year was decided.
The winner was Peter Gorman and Coshies Dusty.
Runner up was Ivan Solomon and Perengary Sasha.

Author Nan Lloyd
Images by Nan Lloyd and Simon Wallace

Novice Final Judged by Brad Rose

1Tony BoyleBoylee Cournel6470134
2Jenny NolanNolans Jasper5551106
3Jenny NolanNolans Dallas524193
=4Gordon CurtisKumbark Scotty55Rtd55
=4Rod ForsythBarkervale Austin55X55
6Jenny NolanNolans Dallas5252
7Duncan AndersonPages Bouncer4242
8Gibb McDonaldO’Kanes Ned Kelly4040
9Nan LloydKumbark Lexy (K)3636
10Caroline BellBellview Tug3030

Improver Final Judged by Caroline Bell

1Dave LaceySummerville Katie7379152
2Len MortonPerengary Sadie6261123
3Duncan AndersonPages Bouncer643094
4Gibb McDonaldBoylee Ben682290
5Malcolm SeymourCoshies Bella501566
6Rod ForsythBarkerville Austin (K)4545
7Tony BoyleChillie (KX)4444
8Nan LloydKumbark Lexy (K)4242
9Dave LaceyMGH Jack4040
10Marianne Rogers Marionvale Aykeira3636

Open Final Judged by Wayne Hall

1Peter GormanCoshies Dusty6778145
2Ivan SolomanPerengary Trish6971140
3Tim FosterJandoree Sadie7365138
4Ivan SolomanPerengary Di6463127
5Dave LaceyAkoonah Blondie6846114
6Dave LaceyAkoonah Holly6445109
7Peter GormanPendalup Steel5946105
8Tanya DibiljJarrah (K)81Rtd81
9Peter GormanBadgingarra Jem76X76
10Ivan SolomanPerengary Sasha72X72
=11Peter GormanPrinces Sally62X62
=11Peter GormanPendalup Cloudy62X62